Native Apps

Affordable bespoke apps

We have spent ten years constantly developing and refining our app-building platform. The latest version, Reptile, enables us to build a custom app five-times cheaper than the equivalent app built through a development agency.

We have built a set of robust modules to cover everything a typical enterprise app needs. Power your business with an affordable bespoke app.


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Step into your app-efficient future

Any organisation which has an audience with whom they communicate valuable information on a regular basis needs an app.

It is an always-on website, email and messaging system in your customer's pocket. 

Jettison the old-world inefficiencies of email newsletters, attachments and unread web pages. Step into the modern world of real-time messages, easy-to-read content and secure communications.


What is different about us

Our new modular app platform is the most efficient way yet to build and support apps. Imagine the business app of your dreams and we assemble it quickly from our existing component library. 

Automated builds ensure consistency of code with maintenance, upgrades and support included for a fixed fee. 

From our expert mobile UX designers, to the technical team who can integrate the app into your network, we provide a dedicated team to support you all the way.

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A risk-free long-term solution

Every owner wants an app which is unique to them, which can be changed and upgraded as their experience evolves, but is a known cost to run. 

Every app we release comes with a support and maintenance package from us to ensure peace of mind.

“We have been impressed by Page Lizards willingness to understand and work alongside us to deliver content to our members to deliver a simple and gorgeous product“