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We convert PDF files into web content as it’s user-friendly on all devices, it can be shared on social media and you can edit it – even once it’s live

We have created the most flexible content platform in the world which can handle any form of content through one customisable interface.

Reasons to convert PDF files to web content

From the user point of view, online content should not be provided in PDF format. A PDF will only appear in a format typically designed for an A4 piece of paper and they’ll be unable to read it.

Providing content in web/HTML format will be responsive, user-friendly, and accessible on any device.

– User-friendly on all devices, especially mobile

– Ability to share content via social media as it displays single articles

– Content can be edited – even once it’s live (and it’s easy)

– Content is part of your website.

Create a campaign-based communication or ‘micro’site


  • Reach a new, targeted audience demographic.
  • Lead users to perform a specific, valuable action (like signing up for emails).
  • Build brand awareness around a new product launch.
  • Created for the sole purpose of supporting a branded campaign.

How it works?

– Easy upload and publishing with embedded hyperlinks

– Create your own custom landing page

– Embed the viewer on your website with the same URL 

– Totally branded with your font and colours – matching your main site 

– No third-party branding or advertising and no ‘related articles’ from your competitors 

– Control who has access, control over distribution (log-in) 

Hosting and support by us.

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