Grow the seeds of an idea into a successful product

We help to analyse what features and tools your app should have and transform your idea into a mobile app


Based on the Design Sprint by Google Ventures, we use our Innovation Workshop we help to distil the idea into a set of designs. We capture ideas from key stakeholders and user research in a neutral setting. It takes you from defining the problem to devising a solution, building a prototype and testing it – all in no more than five days. 

What does mobile app consultancy include? Why do it?

Innovation stalls because ideas get blocked in the pipeline.

Originators struggle to explain their great idea to outsiders via email and meetings.

We have a method to unblock those pipes. Through structured workshops, in your office or online, we help you distil the idea into a clear set of designs.

Showcase your idea to stakeholders and sell it in just one presentation.

Turn ideas into products

Following the Google Ventures Design Sprint metholdology there is a logical flow to the rest of the process: 

  • Your stakeholder designs are expanded into a full-set of interactive screens for your app
  • These screens help build the technical scope and define your budget
  • The developers build your app according to the designs
  • And you can use them as part of your marketing launch campaign

And share with the world

Your app – or digital product- will need connecting to other services before you can share it with the world. We will help you:

  • Launch it on the stores so users can find and download it
  • Connect it to your permissions system so they can login
  • Set-up your analytics accounts so you can track activity
  • And link to your publishing systems, website, or any structured data feed, so that it is constantly updated




Let’s build something amazing together

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