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We can design you a beautiful app from scratch or interpret your designs into a great user interface (UI) and user experience(UX).

Having that lightbulb moment of a good app idea isn’t enough. There are millions of apps out there and that’s why it’s essential to make sure your mobile app design helps yours to stand out. Our designers take your idea and makes it reality through our process. 

Connect teams working from home in a crisis


How to keep up communications with employees working from home?
Reptile allows you to create a secure environment for you to communicate with your teams remotely.
In a few easy steps, you can create your own broadcast channel to keep your teams up to date with anything from company announcements, advice, training to current stock levels.
  • We'll set up your dedicated site in just a few hours. This can be on your domain with your branding.
  • Full training for your key managers how to post live updates.
  • No need for extra logins! The site connects to your existing systems to let staff or partners use their existing logins to access content.
  • Add an app to enable all your workers globally to keep in touch where-ever they are.
How a concept microsite for teams might look

Why choose Page Lizard?

We take mobile app design very seriously. Good User Experience is something that we pay lip service to, it’s at the core of our service.

Our modular design technology, combined with the knowledge of our designers help deliver the best possible product.

(See also ‘What’s the point of a design discovery workshop?‘) .

Example of a previous design

The Royal Aeronautical Society in recent years has had a large increase in its young membership, particularly students and apprentices.

Whilst the Royal Aeronautical Society is proud of all it has to offer young members, they still found it challenging to generate the engagement and involvement of young members they hoped for.

The solution? An app dedicated to students and young members, with bespoke functions and kept up to date with new content on a weekly basis, ensuring it is relevant, useful and engaging.

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