Our designers are ready for your idea
We can design you a beautiful app from scratch or interpret your designs into a great user interface (UI) and user experience(UX).


You’ve had that lightbulb moment, a vision of the app you want to make, but you’re not sure how to make it happen. Our designers take your idea from dream to reality and guide you through best practice along the way. 


When you are creating a new product the first step is always the same: be clear what problem your app solves and why people should use it.

From there we will walk you through our step-by-step guide to design, build, release and manage a fantastic app.

(Sneak preview: ‘How to build a mobile app in 12 steps’).

Why choose Page Lizard?

We run an Innovation Workshop / Design Sprint with you as it is an incredibly useful method to kick-off projects of all sizes.

Your team captures all your best ideas, distills them down into priorities and from there we can draw, design and build your app.

We offer a half or full-day app discovery workshops as a condensed version to help you get going.

(See also ‘What’s the point of a design discovery workshop?‘) .

What is good UX – and do I care?

Bad user experience (UX) design is something that everyone can spot.

When you stumble upon a poorly designed product, it’s immediately obvious that something isn’t working – and your opinion of the provider sinks.

If you are creating a mobile app there is so little space to work a good UX designer makes the difference between success and complete failure.

We will take you through the process, but to give you a hint here are ‘Five UX Design Best Practices‘  to get you going.


Let’s build something amazing together

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