Service is an extremely important part of what we do. Technological solutions only work if we are able to provide the services our clients need.

One of the most popular is production. We support publishing clients with a cost-effective and efficient service to upload, styling and publish new editions to their deadlines. 

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PDF to HTML conversion

The most in-demand production service is converting print publications to mobile-responsive HTML editions. 

Using proprietary software we are able to extract images and text from PDFs in a structured way.

With a simple per-page charge, or a flat fee for regular publications, this is a solution favoured by all of our clients who have print publications. 


Deadline publishing

All clients have the ability to manage their digital publications directly on our platform, but many do not have the staff or the time.

We offer a cost-effective outsourcing solution to handle the whole process for busy clients. It takes the pressure off internal staff and provides peace of mind. 

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Support is at hand

When you become a Page Lizard client you can feel your way and find out which solution is best for you. DIY or production contract.

Any client can reach out at any time and get instant help from an expert on the system.