Web apps

Mirror your app online

A web app lets you mirror the content of your native app on desktops. 

You can also use the web app platform as a powerful stand-alone solution for publications, newsletters, campaigns - any content you want readers to access over the web.

Our unique reading flow will keep your audience engaged far beyond any website.

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Desktop or native app?

Should I go with a normal website delivery, or a native app? It is a difficult choice as users are often divided. We solve the problem by letting you offer both from one platform. 

A native app can contain more functions than a website and provide easier 'one touch' access to tasks. A web app can be more flexible and creative. 

With Page Lizard you have two systems in one. We will work with you on your strategy so that you get the best outcome. 


Creative Freedom and flexibility

Web apps are certainly fast to deliver. You can build a microsite in a day. Use your own colour palette, branding and fonts. And even launch it on your own domain. 

With a drag-and-drop interface you can build everything yourself, but Page Lizard's designers and production staff will also offer an affordable solution to get you launched.     

A simple monthly fee covers your ongoing content hosting, support and maintenance. 

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Perfect for publications

The web app is an extension of our digital publishing platform and we still support the publication of magazines, journals and newsletters online. We prefer all content to be in mobile-responsive HTML - and our production team can convert PDFs to mobile-responsive HTML editions for you.

But clients can also upload PDFs and create page-turning editions if they wish. With dedicated landing pages, complete control over design, layout and branding, and the ability to publish under your own URL - Page Lizard's online editions remain a popular choice.