We want to hear from agencies looking to partner with us to build world-class iOS and Android apps, or Progressive Web Apps for their clients. Our modular design and licensed support allows you creative freedom with no technical hassles.

Modular design

Our modular app build provides the perfect template for an agency to prepare all of the design concepts with the client.

We can provide you with wire frames of the modules we have built and you take it from there. We will give you technical feedback on any features or functions which require custom development.

Once the concepts and creatives have been signed off we will work with you a final scope agreement, sprint-boards, timelines and costs. We will project manage the build, but you are free to join in the technical calls and help the process along.

Licensed apps

All of our apps are provided on a monthly licensed basis with a service and maintenance contract fulfilled by us.

This gives you the option of finishing the project, handing over the app to the client together with the support contract and moving on. Or, if you wish to remain part of the process, we will support the app and report in to you.

Either way, no one is left in a difficult situation where neither the client, nor the agency, wants to take responsibility for all the hard work (ie employing a development team) once the party is over.

It is a transparent and no-risk business model for all sides.



It has been an honour working with Spotlight, but the most memorable anecdote was a casting director in tears in the MD’s office after the launch of the first app. He had just done in minutes what previously took him many hours with piles of directories and sticky notes…


Forever evolving since it started helping casting directors fill the West End stages in 1927, Spotlight – Europe’s largest casting service – turned to Page Lizard several years ago to convert its iconic directories into apps.

Since then we have enjoyed pushing the boundaries of apps with functionality including:


  • Databasing thousands of performers and synching them to apps in real-time
  • Provide performer’s ‘CV’ pages including picture galleries, key roles, skills and physical attributes
  • Filters which help directors to narrow their search down to hat size and inside arm measurement!
  • Easy functionality to save shortlists of performers and share those with colleagues

“We have been impressed by Page Lizard’s willingness to help, understand and work alongside us to deliver content to our members to deliver a simple and gorgeous product.


Let’s build something amazing together

We’ll respond within 24 hours, we promise.

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