We have a new approach to app development
Modular builds and agency services save time and money

We are a small and focussed team which takes on a limited number of projects each year. Our efficient modular app builds using software as a service licensing supported by our agency services speeds up the process and saves cost.  We specialise in membership, professional and the public sector. 

Discovery Workshops

An Innovation Workshop is a way to answer big questions quickly. A workshop can help validate ideas, design a new product, improve processes.

Page Lizard’s Innovation Workshops are an adaptation of the Google Ventures Design Sprint – run online or in your offices. 

You will leave with a clear plan of action which can be turned into an interactive design prototype for testing with members and other stakeholders. 

Mobile apps

We specialise in building apps for professional bodies, membership organisations and the public sector.

Using our efficient modular app platform we are able to concentrate development effort on the unique features of your app – saving you and your organisation time and money.

We allow great design and UX to lead the way. Our agency services, including in -house designers and project managers, keeps projects on track and on budget. 

Apps are provided on a software as a service model, which means we provide ongoing support and maintenance as well as rolling programme of enhancements.

The Page Lizard Platform

Our apps sit on the Page Lizard platform – a CMS and set of web services which acts as a backbone for all integrations into the app.

The apps ‘call home’ to the platform which acts as a hub into which all services feed. This provides us with the maximum flexibility when adding new services and delivers the fastest and most robust apps. 

Reptile Desktop Solutions

Page Lizard also has a product for content owners called Reptile. It is a great solution if you want to upload reports, magazines, training manuals – anything that might have previously been printed – to be read on desktops.

We can also build a companion app those who prefer content to synch to it for offline and mobile reading.

Reptile is built as a self-publishing solution, putting the power of communication into the hands of your staff.  

Agency services

When you work with Page Lizard you will benefit from the skills and support of all our staff. We bring more to the party than just technical development, including: 

  • UX/UI design. A great app is a collaboration between good design and development. 
  • Project management. We assign a project manager to every build to make sure it stays on track, on budget and meets expectations.
  • Audience research. The Innovation Workshop, prototype building and testing ensures you build the right product for the task.
  • API integrations – our UK network engineers ensure the smooth and reliable integration of third party-services.
  • Content production, styling and editing. Our production department manages content on behalf of clients, runs scheduled tasks,  and is the first call for clients with routine day-to-day queries.

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