Each year Memcom hosts a conference that welcomes around 200 delegates from membership organisations across the UK. This is then followed by a sit down lunch and awards ceremony.

Despite Page Lizard not being a membership organisation ourselves, we still like to lend a helping claw to those who need it. Our aim at Memcom 2014 was to reach out to membership organisations who are delving into their bright digital publishing future head first but aren’t actually sure how to engage, grow and retain their audiences.

From experience we knew many delegates would essentially be ‘shopping around’ for deals when it came to digital publishing options. This is always the case at an event such as Memcom and that is why we look to get personal before attending. We want to know the person as well as their publication or organisation. So after a quick post-event scan of LinkedIn and the attendee list we had a good idea of who might be lurking at Memcom 2014.

With all of the above being noted, we had a fantastic day at Memcom. Joe, our digital editor stood tall and proud at the front of our stand and Graham our CEO mingled amongst the crowd. Our rubber lizards proved ever popular as they were flung from person to person across the networking hall. A few special delegates received our Page Lizard notepads and bookmarks, where hopefully in days not too far on they can write about their future success as a Page Lizard customer.

We are looking forward to attending PARN and Memberwise this week to replicate our ray of sunshine approach to Memcom 2014. Being the bright Lizard in the corner seems to be turning heads!

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