It’s no secret that digital technologies are a huge asset for driving business growth. Yet, according to a recent Accenture white paper (Combine and Conquer), only 13% of companies are benefiting from both cost saving efficiencies and new growth from their investments in digital technologies.

Why is this the case? And how can companies grow effectively using these technologies?

Digital imperatives 

The reason so few companies see the benefits from their digital technologies is that they tend to deploy them piecemeal, in isolation rather than combining them.

Combine and Conquer shares ways on how best to unlock the power of digital and optimise your technology investments. They have found the  reason so many companies fail to fully benefit from digital technologies is their inability to effectively deploy the digital assets.

1. Transform the core

Make sure that your company foundations are digitally sound. Focusing on the efficiency of digital tools and the correct use of data at the core of your business. This encourages an effective deployment of effort that can unlock cost efficiencies between both machine and software synchronisation.

2. Prioritise experiences and results

The experience offered to your customers (and members) should be of utmost importance and at the top of your list of priorities. A fresh, hyper-personalised experience will help build and sustain engagement.

3. Innovate new business models

Although tradition is always valued, business models need to develop in an innovated fashion so to drive value for clients. In turn, this can result in new revenue streams for the business. An integrated business model that includes commercial technologies, and the support for such technologies, drives business growth.

4. Equip your workforce for digital

In a digital age, it is vital to source and retain digital skills. This encourages and maintains the active collaboration between people and machines.

5. Introduce new ecosystems

Create an ecosystem of suppliers, distributors and customers that best reflect, build and serve your business. By developing this intentional and robust ecosystem, you are preparing to upscale rapidly.

6. Approach development with foresight

The balance between investment, resource allocation, core business and new business should always be in focus. Approaching development with these factors in mind will ensure innovation and growth.

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