A recent study has shown that around 75% of employers still think they can use current staff members to implement a social media strategy. Which begs the question, how wrong could they be?!


Just because you have a current employee with a personal Facebook account where they posts shameless selfies and gets 70+ like doesn’t mean that your b2b business, restaurant or fashion label will get the same results from their willy nilly ramblings.

With the above in mind you also don’t want to outsource to a PR company, that is also social media suicide. Trust me, PR companies have no idea what they are doing either.

There are a number of warning signs that you are doing things on social media totally wrong. If any of the below applies to you then alarm bells should be ringing.

On that note I have put together 10 reasons why a random employee shouldn’t be running your companies social media:

1. You use Animal Memes. Animal memes are for the weak and lost, they are never ‘on hashtag failbrand’ unless you’re a pet store.

2. Your current social media strategy consists of someone updating your networks as they go along, at a whim or fancy. You don’t schedule your posts.

Google-Plus-fail3. Sometimes customers who contact you on social media are left without a reply for hours
or days

4. You have no idea what works and what doesn’t for you on social media

5. You measure nothing

6. A monthly report? What’s that?

dislike button7. Your Joe Bloggs still thinks the number of followers and likes you have is a measure of your success

8. No body likes your stuff

9. You would try to flog a dead horse to your fans

10. You run stupid competitions that are either too elaborate for anyone to bother with or you don’t run any competitions at all


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