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What it does

Distribute your publications on desktop with our affordable online viewer. Custom-branded to match your designs.

The viewer is built in responsive HTML and can deliver publications in print-replica, HTML mode – or a combination of the two.

As it is mobile-responsive it’s also perfect for viewing on mobile or tablet. Enjoy many of the features of a native app through a browser.

Choose how you tell your story

The web app is built just like a native app, but in a browser. Your homepage can be designed exactly as you want it.

It’s your choice if you want to take an issue-based approach and launch it from a screen with the covers of your magazines.

Or you can take a continuous publishing approach and have an array of topic-based tiles to create more of a website look and feel.

Some publishers blend the two and display the latest issue as the main offering and have tiles of topics below.

Remember Lizards are flexible animals…

Unbundling issues

The Page Lizard web app is built to work with either issues which follow a print cycle, or bundles of articles grouped together by topic.

One popular choice is to ‘unbundle’ articles from print editions and leave them to be discovered for evermore. ┬áThe most recently published articles are at the top, descending in date order.

With so much web traffic coming from mobile these days it makes sense to open up articles in responsive HTML. But thanks to the web app’s in-built swiping and navigation you can keep the reading experience of a print magazine.

Update in real-time

The web app updates in real-time just like the native apps.  Just add a new article to the CMS and it will automatically show in the navigation.

With our real-time publishing you can even add a new section and it will show immediately. A great way to promote special events.

And a page-turner

We would love everything to be in responsive HTML. But sometimes you just need to produce a page-turner.

That’s no problem. The web app can be a humble page-turner as well. And it takes just minutes to drag and drop your PDFs into the CMS and publish them.

All internal and external links will be recognised and you can easily edit the links in the CMS if you need to make changes.

But there is one added unique advantage with Page Lizard. Send us your print-ready PDF and (for an extra fee) we will create your responsive HTML articles for you and link them back to the print page. Readers can toggle between print and HTML at will, so they always get the view that suits them best.

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