An Innovation Workshop is a way to answer big questions quickly.

Try our interactive process to solve problems, refine ideas, design and create new products and carry out successful digital transformation. 


Based on the Design Sprint by Google Ventures, and Innovation Workshop captures ideas from key stakeholders and user research in a neutral setting. It takes you from defining the problem to devising a solution, building a prototype and testing it – all in no more than five days.

Use Cases

Process Improvement

Refine Ideas

Digital Transformation

New Product Design

Product Validation

Product Redesign


Our Process

Step 1

Define the problem and set a goal


We start by defining the problem and what we want to achieve together.

Working as a team we generate ideas – then choose the best ones to take forward.

Step 2

Find solutions and narrow them down

Step 3

Turn winning solutions into UX Flows

We imagine how real people will interact with the service or product. Together we create the foundations for what will become the final product.

Our team takes all of the ideas from steps 1-3 away and uses interactive prototyping tools to mock up ideas for validation.

Step 4

Refine and create a design prototype

Step 5

Test on real people

Put the design prototype to the test. In this last step, we gain valuable insight into our user experience. Any problem areas are identified and fixed before any development begins.


The design prototype can be used to iterate upon and test further ideas, or it can be used to scope the project and get the development team started.


Let’s build something amazing together

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